Being a Grownup

I’ve lived a good part of my adult life conflicted about that idea, but living like a grownup has nothing to do with losing child-like wonder or a sense of imagination. It’s not about becoming uptight, or getting uber-serious about your career, or even any of the life events we have come to think of as rites of passage (like buying your first house, for example). Not that those things—apart from being uptight—are bad. They just aren’t the essence of being a grownup.

Being a grownup is about living with responsibility. I know. It’s a big, nasty, very unfun word. Responsibly. It’s also what makes humanity civil (when we are), and it’s what allows us to move past immature squabbling and into the realm of satisfying interaction. Accountability. Growth. Ego-less, genuine, authentic purpose.

You know, the stuff that makes life worth living.

Too many people (myself included) spend too much time not living like grownups. We fuss over trivial things, worry and fight about nonsense, and miss the things that make life fulfilling. We’re adults living like toddlers, not young-at-heart grownups, like we should be.

Maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe there’s a better way. Maybe we can figure out some of how to get there.

It’s worth considering, right?

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